About Us

Frank Conn and the Hollywood Love Rugs Story

Hollywood Love Rugs was founded by Frank Conn, who has been selling throw rugs, hides, skins and specialty home decorating items to the Hollywood community for forty years, and to his national online clients since 1999. Specializing in custom orders and personalized service, Hollywood Love Rugs has provided unique and exotic designer area rugs for many entertainment celebrities, motion pictures, television, commercials and even the Broadway stage: including movies produced by Mel Brooks, Kevin Costner, Michael Mann, Men in Black II, Cher, Raquel Welch, Robert Blake, Rosemarie Clooney, Snoop Dog, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, MTV Music Awards and the Grammy Awards, and receiving reviews and coverage in the New York Times, Juxtapose Magazine and many other publications. Frank Conn can customize your quest for quality area rugs at an affordable price, and identify the perfect solution from any type of material, style, color or design. And best of all, Frank is still available on the phone or by email to answer all your questions and personally service your home decorating needs.  He offers hand selection of the highest quality exotic area rugs and pillows. Working with designers and home owners, our staff can help you decorate any room by observing photographs of your home and sending samples whenever possible. Hollywood Love Rugs, area rugs for the romantic, adventurous and wild – affordable elegance and luxury.

Our specialty products include our own collection of faux fur, fake bear and animal hide rugs, cowhide rugs made only in Brazil, fur rugs including sheepskin and Tibetan lambs wool, Flokati and cotton shag rugs, animal prints in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes, and affordable cool themed area rugs to suit any home and budget.

My name is Frank Conn, and I'm the proprietor of Hollywood Love Rugs. For over 30 years I have catered to the professional trade and entertainment industries, and since 1999 we have brought our internet customers the same quality merchandise, specialized knowledge and personalized service. We work with custom orders and specialized needs, and have access to any rug available. I grew up in Brooklyn, but moved to Los Angeles to make it in show business. I was an actor, writer and acting teacher. I worked in the Comedy Store and Improv for years, and wrote the play The Biz with George Clooney acting in it. I was a staff writer for the HBO series Kilroy, produced by Clooney and I wrote for the show Charles In Charge. I have worked with Rosemarie Clooney, George Clooney, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Delta Burke, Angie Dickerson, Kevin Costner, Steven Segal, Barbi Benton, Didi Conn, and McLean Stevenson among others.

I actually got in the rug business when the acting business got slow and I started working in the Swap Meet. I was just trying to make a little money to get me through the month but when I saw what this guy was making selling rugs, I decided I would give this a shot on my own. I kept at it all the time I was still acting. I even sold rugs when I worked on the set to make more money. I showed up at Paramount with my rug truck when I was writing for George Clooney and sold rugs during my lunch break. The passion for selling rugs continued to gain momentum and I began selling on street corners. You might say, I took my show on the road. Then I met a great mentor, Sol. He was an old school guy who was totally self made and he saw something in me that reminded him of himself and although we were 30 years different in age we struck up a strong relationship and he taught me all about seat covers. He owned a sheepskin tannery in South America and was the first to manufacture sheepskin seat covers. I began selling those on street corners.

You may be looking for something hard to find "off-the-shelf" and we are here for those special requests as well. Call or email anytime for a quick response from the owner, Frank Conn. If you are in the local Los Angeles area, call for local pickups and special deals.  Our over forty years experience catering to the professional design trade as well as the entertainment industry has prepared us well to serve your individualized needs. Whether it's a big budget movie, network television show, Broadway play or commercial, we are frequently called upon to find or fabricate very unique items. We can work with any of your custom rug needs. Custom rugs can be ordered in a variety of materials, including sheepskin, tibetan lambs wool, flokati and cowhide. We welcome digital photos of your space as well as ideas you might have, and offer experienced advice on materials, pile height, size, color, pattern and shape depending on your specific needs and budget.

You may be looking for something hard to find "off-the-shelf" and we are here for those special requests as well. Call or email anytime for a quick response from the owner, Frank Conn. If you are in the local Los Angeles area, call for local pickups and special deals.