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Plush Black-White Faux Zebra Skin

Plush Black-White Faux Zebra Skin

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Brand new product from France: super plush short pile Faux Zebra Hide Rug in a beautiful authentic zebra print pattern black and white. This is a very high quality faux fur rug with a soft filling material that adds thickness and softness to this faux hide. Very soft pile which has substance and authentic fur appearance.

Non-shedding, washable, non-allergenic, fire retardant without the use of chemical treatments, stain and soil resistant, thick, soft and luxurious and easy care. Backing is a thick ribbed latex, which is non-skid. Best of choices, a soft luxurious furry rug without the use of real fur. If you are looking for a beautiful and soft furry rug with the beauty of a natural product, without the use of animal products, then a modern Faux Fur Rug the logical choice.

Hollywood Love Rugs was the first retailer to sell Faux Fur Rugs on the internet, in 1999, and we are experts. This is the best quality product have seen in over a decade. These Faux Fur Rugs are made in France under strict EEU environmental standards. Circular knitted textured filament yarns; 80% acrylic, 20% polyester. NOTE: Vacuum only with hand held non-agitator vacuum. Wash on gentle cycle with woolite; air dry only.

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